Tips And Tricks

Club Care

Protecting your Beertha should be a priority. Because Big Beertha is a beer bong and not a real golf club, avoid hitting objects with it. Big Beertha will probably break if you let your drunk friends swing it around. Pro tip: pick up our Custom Big Beertha Headcover from the online shop for some extra protection.

Cleaning your Beertha is easy! Just run water and a little soap through it after your round or during next morning's hangover. A sink or hose works great.     

Big Beertha Tutorial

"Greg from College" demonstrates the proper Big Beertha drinking form and technique.



 "Take as many mulligans as you want" 
New rule to spice up your next round. You can take as many mulligans as you want, but every time you take a mulligan you have to do a Big Beertha... proceed with caution.



The Big Beertha Beer Bong Golf Driver
So what is this product? Let Jake give you an action-packed overview.



60 seconds of Beerthas
We brought Big Beertha to the 2019 Waste Management Phoenix Open- the biggest golf party in the country. See how many Big Beerthas were chugged in 60 seconds.